6 Month Mastery Programme



Our 6 month Mastery programme offer the opportunity for emerging stylists to continue their studies in a realistic & practical way. We want to give the next generation of elite barbers the confidence to flourish & build a stronger career in the hair industry than they thought was possible. Using & sharing with you our wealth of experience & knowledge - this programme will give you all the skills in which you need to become not only a successful stylist but a confident one that can work anywhere in the world. 


This course was designed for recently qualified barbers (year 1-5) or apprentices who have finished their studies but still don’t feel ready to work on the shop floor with confidence. 


Our 6 month programme will give students the skills & hands-on experience that they need to sustain a successful career in our industry. 


This is also a practical option for barbershop owners who do not have time to train their apprentices. We are here to help! 


What this course includes: 


  • 6 Modules (Once a month for 2 days - 12 sessions) 
  • Work experience/placement during & after the course
  • An opportunity for employment or placement 
  • 1 year membership to ‘The Network’




  1. Introduction - Our philosophy, principles, foundations/essentials of cutting & salon practices, base skills, profile building & assessment of current skill level.
  2. Understanding Shape & Technique
  3. Discipline In Scissor, Razor & Comb
  4. Clipper Work - Fading, Tapering & Beards
  5. Personalisation - Creativity/Refinery
  6. Mastery - Putting It All Together + Photoshoot 


For more information on what this programme includes please visit: https://areaacademy.com.au/collections/all