AREA Academy was founded in 2020 by the core team of multi-award winning salon - AREA Studio in Melbourne, Australia. Our mission as an up-skilling facility is to challenge the way stylists think about & approach men’s haircutting.


We want to help people in discovering an alternative belief system & different perspective that will ultimately help them in realising their potential.


Moving into 2022, we have not only re-assessed our position in the industry but also our position in ourselves & more important than our mission - our purpose is to build & inspire lives through hair.




What makes AREA Academy unique in the field of education is our unconventional, conscious & holistic approach to haircutting. We are pushing the boundaries within men’s hair to blur the lines between hairdressing & modern barbering.


Personally, we started AREA Academy because we wanted to learn. When you teach you learn twice. We are forever conscious about being on our own personal development journey & we want to share our experiences along the way.


Professionally, we founded AREA Academy on the premise that we found it difficult to find talent to join our team. We saw there was a void that needed filling between advanced & certified training & a motto we like to live by is:


“If you are not part of solving the problem, you too become part of the problem...” 


Be the change you want to see...



We are an up-skilling facility for haircutting that prides itself on tailor-made educational experiences based on personal development.


We currently offer multiple workshop options for barbershops & salons alike.

Our most recent project ‘The Network’ gives us the opportunity to spread our message to a wider audience all

around the world.


Coming soon - Our Agency aspect of the business also helps brands & companies within the hair industry reach new markets through digital media.