Our goal with “EL3MENTS” is to share with attendees our mindset & thought process through visual demonstration & in depth explanation - showcasing a range of skills from scissor work, sectioning patterns to clipper work, texturising and styling. This session will oversee fundamental easy to adapt techniques in which we use to create various in-trend looks which are both suitable & functional to the modern male.

Why is this workshop called EL3MENTS? Facilitating to each different type of learner is of the upmost importance for us, therefore all our workshops & classes will include the 3 primary elements of learning. Visual, Auditory & Kinesthetics. Seeing, hearing & doing.

The unique thing about this workshop is the fact that we have a one hour lecture/role play on consultation/building a clientele. We find this part of the session to be extremely valuable in helping you to create your dream working scenario. 

Our mission at AREA Academy is to challenge the way stylists think about & approach men’s cutting. We want to help people in discovering an alternative belief system & different perspective that will help them realise their potential. 

This Modern Men’s Haircutting Workshop caters to Barbers or Hairdressers of all skill/experience levels. 


What this workshop entails: 


  • Pre Assessments 
  • Digital Lectures 
  • Consultation Training 
  • X4 Live Demonstrations 
  • Practical Session (Hands On)
  • Post Evaluation 
  • Certificate of Completion


Pre Assessments:

  • The pre-assessment will come in a form via email when you sign up for any of our courses/workshops. This should arrive with you 3-4 weeks out from each set date & it will help us determine the training requirements & needs for the group we will be training. It will help us to understand the attendees strengths & weaknesses & will be reviewed by our education team to tailor each course & make it a unique experience.


Digital Lectures:

  • The digital lecture will give attendees an understanding of our techniques, methods & terminology before we start to cut hair. This will deliver information to the students about the subject or topic we will be covering & it will give the class an overview of what is to come in our live demonstrations. 


Consultation Training:

  •  The initial consultation is often something that is overlooked in mens hair. For us, this is a crucial part of the process as a stylist where you can ultimately gain your clients trust & give yourself creative freedom. Our consultation training will require a role play, where each student will go through a 1 on 1 consultation practice.


Live Demonstrations:

  • The live demonstrations will consist of our educators sharing with you their mindset & thought process through visual demonstration & in depth explanation - showcasing a range of skills from scissor work, sectioning patterns to clipper work, texturising and styling. This part of the session will oversee fundamental easy to adapt techniques in which we use to create various in trend looks. 


Practical Session:

  • The practical or “ hands on” session will allow attendees to bring their own model & test some of the techniques just learned under our supervision. This way when you go to your own barber shop or salon you can be sure you are performing the techniques correctly. We find this the most effective way of learning. 


Post Evaluation:

  • The post evaluation will also come in a form via email a few days after our session is over. This will be a post training review in which we will ask you some questions to refresh your memory & help the information learned sink in. It will give us some feed back in which we can use to better our courses/workshops for the future & it will give us the opportunity to identify what future classes may suit each individual so that we can make recommendations in the future.