A day in the life…


Shadowing sessions are an opportunity for guests to come & spend the day learning from us at AREA Studio. Literally the definition of “look & learn” but in real-time! 


This will offer guests first hand, real life salon floor experience with us. It will allow you to discover & experience new techniques, tips & tricks as we run a fully booked column of between 10-15 clients. 


During the session you will be assigned to an academy team member of your choice & we will run the shadowing days similarly to the academy sessions. Meaning we will get an in depth understanding of our guest prior to the day & we will do the most we can to cater the day to your needs (limited to one person at a time). 


What the day includes:


  • Full day with us at AREA Studio (8-11 hours)
  • Engagement in first hand, real life salon floor experience 
  • The experience of how we manage to run a fully booked column
  • Discovery of new techniques, tips & tricks
  • Assignment to a team member of your choice (Eoin or Leigh)
  • Customer service skills & insights 
  • The opportunity to consult us on whatever you’d like through the day

We are excited to welcome you to our creative space!



  • $1000
    per/day (Multiple day deals on offer also)

(Afterpay ready & Coinbase commerce ready - if you pay with crypto you get a discount)