3 Day Development Course (11th-13th September) - Melbourne

3 Day Development Course (11th-13th September) - Melbourne

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Our brand new 3 Day Development Course encompasses all of the foundations, philosophies & principles we use at AREA Academy.

These 3 days cover all aspects of men’s cutting for both barbers & hairdressers looking to level up at any stage of their career. We believe the information & knowledge shared here gives you all the ingredients to become the complete all-round men’s stylist.

Each day will be specifically designed to help you grow in the areas in which you may struggle with most & help you expand your knowledge on certain areas of men’s cutting to maximise the potential of your skills & business. These sessions will incorporate all 3 elements of required in completing the learning cycle on each day - theory, visual & practical. This will ensure the understanding of the topics delivered are solidified.

Come join us & realise your potential!


Day 1:

- Foundations & Theory

- Layering & Longer Hair Structures

- Styling


Day 2:

- Graduation & Creativity

- Mid-Length Structures

- Styling


Day 3:

- Clipper Work & Beard Design

- Short Hair Structures

- Styling


What to expect each day:

- Digital Lectures

- 2-4 Live Demonstrations

- Practical (Hands On) Session


What’s else is & can be included:

RECOMMENDED: PIVOT POINT Mannequin can be purchased through us also at an extra cost.

- Customised notes & notepad.

- The use of a Dyson Professional Hairdryer.

- 50% discounted membership to “The Network” for 1 year.


- Access to exclusive discounts & perks from our partners.


- Professional video highlights

- Lunch & refreshments to be provided daily. 



If you have any specific queries or would like to arrange a discovery call with us to book a workshop/course - or to seek further information please don’t hesitate to contact us through academy@area-studio.com.au